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We focus on immobilized patients during hospitalization and provide an automatic electric bed that can move their body up and down. Our bed is used to raise the bedhead from the bed at different angles according to the comfortable positions of that bedhead. Patient can gently tilt their body and raise their arms and legs. We are proud to serve you.


Services & Amenities

Automated cots

This helps the pad to move upwards without any discomfort

Comfort Level

The bed can be adjusted to any angle using the remote to suit the comfort of the bed.

Hospital cots

Easy lifting guard rails for patient comfort and safety

Up to Five Function

There are many functional beds
available for the convenience of
the sick person for their safety
and comfort

Electric cot

These types of beds are safe to use as they work on electricity

Food Facility

Patients can eat their meals easily with reclining beds


  • A single functioned device with head   adjustment(up,down).
  • Designed to find application for knee rest function.
  • Elevation for upper body that alleviates back pain and benefits patients with asthma.
  • Patient safety guaranteed with easy lifting side rails.
  • Removable and interchangeable head and foot panel.
  • Remote controlled function.
  • Extended warranty as an Optional feature.
Single Function Electric Cot


  • Fowler cot controls the head adjustment(up, down) and height adjustment(high and low).

  • Fowler position helps to improve breathing due to chest expansion mainly during respiratory distress.

  • Easy lifting guard rails for patient safety and comfort.

  • Fowler position is also used to implement oral and gastric feeding tubes to the patient.

  • It has a remote with 2 meters of expandable wires.

two function electric cot


  • Head-tilting, knee-tilting, and height adjustment with electric motors.
  • Easy lifting guard rails for patient comfort and safety.
  • Detachable high quality ABS head and foot panel.
  • Holder for urine bag and provision for I.V. rods.



    • Height adjustment , Backrest , Knee rest are electrically operated with handset.
    • CRCA tubular frame work.
    • Four section perforated CRCA sheet top.
    • Tuck away type polymer rails.
    • Removable Polymer head and foot boards.
    • Four heavy duty swivel castors of 125mm diameter (two with break).
    • Four locations for I.V. rod.
    • Pretreated and epoxy powder coated.


    • Size                        :  2100mm(L)*1050mm(W)*590mm(H).
    • Minimum height : 550mm (without mattress).
    • Maximum height :750mm (without mattress).
    • Brand                    : SIRASU.
    • Color                     : white and blue.
    The electric bed is raised 45 degrees in the direction of the head.

     ​​ICU COT

    • ICU bed(five function) is mainly designed to meet the needs of patients.
    • Head rest, knee rest, height adjustment.
    • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment via a remote control.
    • Easy lifting guard rails for patient safety and comfort.
    • Elevation of upper body benefits patient with asthma.
    • Elevation of lower body benefits patient with swollen leg and feet.
    • Helps to alleviate back pain.
    • Optional: CPR position button to reach the zero position quickly.
    • Holder for urine bag and provision for I.V. rod.
    The five-function electric bed is raised over 30 degrees in the head direction and slightly raised in the foot direction using a linear drive and control unit.


     The Semi-Fowler cot is a perforated bed with two pieces designed for the back function that is organically built.   Simultaneous, central, or separate braking systems are used in motor-driven beds. An sophisticated fowler cot designed   to   give maximum patient safety and comfort. When the head of the fowler cot needs to be hoisted as high as possible,   patients are often placed in the High Fowler position in hospitals. The inclination between the patient’s upper and lower   extremities is between 60 and 90 degrees.

     It is sturdy and durable, and it can easily sustain high weights. A semi-fowler bed also has saline IV poles, and caretakers   may manually lift the head with simple rotators. This sort of bed is useful when the patient has difficulty raising and   feeding themselves. Semi-fowler cots are available in both manual and electric configurations. We also provide hybrid   models with both manual and electric drivetrains to our customers. We also offer assistance and services such as   upgrading a manual cot to an electric cot (cot conversion).
    linear actuator

    Linear Actuators


    Remote controls

    control units

    Control Units 

    What is a patient electric cot?

    A patient electric cot, also known as an electric hospital bed or an adjustable cot, is a type of bed that can be adjusted electronically using a remote control or buttons. These beds offer various positioning options to accommodate the needs and comfort of patients, allowing them to change their position easily without assistance.

    How does a patient electric cot work?

    A patient electric cot operates using an electric motor system that controls the bed’s movements. The motor allows for adjustments in height, backrest elevation, leg elevation, and sometimes Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. Users can control these movements through a wired or wireless remote control, enabling them to find the most suitable position for their comfort and medical needs.

    Can a homecare bed or patient electric cot be used at home?

    Yes, both homecare beds and patient electric cots are designed specifically for home use. These beds are suitable for individuals who require long-term care or have mobility issues but prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes.

    Can a homecare bed or patient electric cot be used by caregivers?

    Yes, homecare beds and patient electric cots are designed to provide ease of use for caregivers as well. They often have features like adjustable heights for easier patient transfer, removable side rails for patient assistance, and accessibility for caregivers to provide care and support.

    Is it safe to use a patient electric cot?

    Yes, patient electric cots are designed with safety in mind. They are manufactured to meet strict safety standards and regulations. The electric motors used in the bed are typically low-voltage and equipped with safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe usage.

    Other names of hospital bed ?
    1. Medical bed
    2. Patient bed
    3. Healthcare bed
    4. Adjustable bed
    5. Nursing bed
    6. Electric bed
    7. ICU bed (Intensive Care Unit)
    8. Recovery bed
    9. Bariatric bed
    10. Pediatric bed
    11. Geriatric bed
    12. Maternity bed
    13. Surgical bed
    14. Orthopedic bed
    15. Rehabilitation bed
    16. Long-term care bed
    17. Homecare bed
    18. Hospice bed
    19. Critical care bed
    20. Transfer bed

    Need for customization?

    We do customization as per your need also


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